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Membership Guidelines

Who can join this group?

Current users of equipment manufactured by WebPress (previously Web Press Corporation) can join this group.  This includes Atlas, Web Leader, Mark-25, Quad-Stack, & Quadra Color equipment.

Most of my equipment is another brand, but I do have a Quad-Stack in the line.  Can I join?

Yes.  But any questions or comments need to center around the Quad-Stack.

I used to run your equipment, so I have some knowledge, but I no longer work for that company. Can I join?

Sorry.  This forum is for current users only.

I'm a vendor that supplies items that work with your equipment.  Can I be a part of this group?

Sorry.  This forum is for users of WebPress equipment only.   If you see discussions where you may have valuable input, please email us the information and if we feel it would be helpful we can post it for you.  IE: "XYZ company suggests you try these settings..."

Will WebPress technicians be available to answer questions?

The focus of this forum is users helping users.  Company personnel may occasionally respond, but if you need urgent technical advice, please call us (253) 620-4747 or send an email.


Getting Started

How do I join? 

Click on "User Management" to the left, and request membership.  Once we have verified that you are a
user of WebPress equipment, we will email an initial password to you.

Already have a password?

Click "Sign In" near the upper right portion of this page.  A new page will open. Sign in under "Forms Management".

Will it work if I copy the initial password from my email and paste it into the log on form?


Can I change my password?

Yes. Click on your name (where it used to say "sign in"), and choose the "change password" option.  Passwords must be at least two characters.  You may keep it simple.


Signing In

Where do I sign in?

Click the"Sign In" tab near the upper right portion of this page.  A new page will open with a form field on it.  Click the down arrow, then sign in under "Forms Management".  Once you sign in, you will be returned to the forum home page. *

I heard it's quicker to sign in through the website...

That's true. Click on User Log-in at the top, then the big "sign in" button.   It skips a step for you and takes you straight to the forms authentication screen.  But either method works.

I've forgotten my user name and/or password

Send Gail an email (or call) and she'll let you know your user name and send you a NEW password. 


  • To change a user name, we have to take you completely out of the system and you will need to re-register.  Picking an easy-to-remember user name is a good idea.
  • We don't have access to your password.  If you can't remember it, we will give you a new one, then you can change it if you so choose. 


Joining the Discussion

How do I post a discussion topic?

Sign In, then click "New Discussion" on the home page.  Give your discussion a title, then write your question in the body.  At the bottom, click a category, then hit "save"

This can also be done from the "Categories" page.  Click a category, then start a new discussion.  You will now be able to see your posting, and others will see it once it is approved by the moderator.  If you post at night or on a weekend, approval may be delayed.

How do I reply to a discussion topic?

Click on the original discussion found on the home page or in a category.   In the new screen that will open, click "reply" underneath the topic. you wish to answer. 

Can the forum notify me if someone replies to my question or I want to follow another person's post?

Yes, but it is a two step process.  First, start a New Discussion.  SAVE.  Next, from the home page or the categories page, CLICK on your own discussion.  Near the top of the screen, click on the PAGE tab.  Click on the BELL... this will allow you to set up an alert when there is a reply.


Click on a discussion.  Underneath the discussion, next to the word "reply", you will see three ". . ." If you click on the dots, you can choose the "Alert Me" option.

Can I add a picture that will clarify my comments?

Yes!  When you are creating a new discussion, click the "insert" tab at the top of the page.  You will have the option to then insert a photo.

I saw a discussion with a link to a photo in it.  How do I link to my photo?

Moderators have the ability to create a link from your discussion post to the picture. If we haven't caught on that there is a related photo, please send us an email and we'll take care of it.  (NOTE: Links only appear once a discussion is clicked on and isolated from the rest of the posts listed on the "Home" page or a "Categories" section.)

When I try to look at a pictures in the "Discussion Related Photos" file, the words slide over it...

CLICK on top of the picture (don't worry about the words).  A larger photo will open.  The words are just sliding over a thumbnail photo.

How can I comment about a Discussion Related Photo?

You can't reply while looking at the photo itself. Please reply to the related posted comment/discussion.  All pictures in this section relate to comments.  If you linked to the picture from the discussion post, simply hit the "back" arrow at the top of your browser to return to the discussion. (The back button won't help if you clicked on the picture from the Photos page).


Editing your Profile

To add your picture or other information about yourself:

Follow the instructions after clicking on "Members" in the left column. ( will be asked to sign in again)

I can't see anyone else's picture.  I see a little icon.

Click on your OWN picture ( or the "invisible man" where your picture would be).  Log in again (the pictures are stored at a location that requires its own log-on.) Some browsers give you the opportunity to "remember these credentials" (If so click the box).  There may be a slight lag time before a screen will open up that will have your picture.   Click "return to forum" at the left hand side of the page, then you should be able to see other users if they have posted a picture.


Other Questions

Why can't I find the Manuals page?

Users manuals are visible to logged in members only.  Please sign in, and they will become visible.

I clicked on a link and it sent me to a sign in page instead of opening the link.  What's up?

Some of our resources are available to signed-in members only.  Sign in, and you will find the link will work.


Membership Guidelines ​Getting Started Signing InJoining the Discussion     ​Editing your Profile       
Other Questions​